Organization and holding of festivals, event marketing

Creating ideas, scripts, searching for venues and dates, taking into account weather and competitive features, selecting activities and artists on a tender basis, creating thematic locations, creating a visual style, printing material and territory design, technical support, food court organization, organization of security and cleaning of the territory, organization of volunteers, obtaining permits, finding partners, sponsors, holding press conferences, inviting VIPs, photo and video reports, conducting an advertising campaign, evaluating performance and analytics.

Organization of business events

Creating an event concept, choosing a venue, preparing a program, searching for speakers, coordinating with opinion leaders, inviting VIPs, journalists, creating a landing page for an event, registering on the site, promoting the Internet, creating databases of participants, selling tickets, telephone calls — invitation, creation of corporate identity and visual material, organization of registration at the event, work of attendants, catering, coffee breaks, accommodation, buffet, concert program, exhibition, excursion, transfer, translation, creation of press and post releases photo report.

Organization of promotion programs, press conferences, workshops

Defining the goals and objectives of the promotion, the target audience, the definition of the main competitors, adjustment positioning, the main communication channels, the creation of the promotion program according to the author’s methodology, the development of visual materials, creative solutions, advertising, performance evaluation. Presentations: the choice of venue for presentations, invitation of participants and the media, release report. Interaction with government bodies (GR).

Organization of MICE services, functions of a congress bureau, representation services

Creation of programs for various events — conferences, teambuilding, cycle meetings, incentive trips, presentations. Selection of transfer, escort, selection of hotel accommodation on request, selection of activities, excursions, catering and gala dinner. Representing the interests of MICE partners from outside Belarus.

Implementation of territorial marketing projects

Determining the identity of the territory, assessment of the competitive environment, the choice of positioning, the creation of a working group of government representatives, business, the public, training, brainstorming, strategic sessions, the creation of a development strategy and a program of promotion measures, the creation of a management structure and interaction, the creation of corporate identity brand), event and PR events.

Creation and implementation of industrial projects

Creating ideas-initiatives, holding negotiations with stakeholders, holding organizational meetings, round tables, collecting information on the state of the industry, reviewing international experience, creating agreements, creating an action plan, forming a working structure, implementing activities, communicating with the media and government agencies, attracting new participants.

Development of a trademark, image of the territory (branding)

Evaluation of trends and competitive environment, the definition of the target audience and positioning, the creation of visualization ideas and evaluation of their elements, testing, the creation of the logo and recommendations of the application.

Marketing research

Conducting comprehensive and desk research, hall tests, in-depth interviews, expert surveys, analysis of internal and external information, comparative analysis (benchmarking), competitive and product analysis. Setting targets for field research, focus groups, “secret customer”, telephone and Internet surveys. Analysis of information by various methods, conclusions and recommendations. Brand: positioning, assessment of trends and competitive environment, the creation of visualization, testing, the creation of the logo and recommendations of the application.

Consulting, training and marketing service creation

Problem identification, task setting, work program development, company audit, personal interview with services, assessment of the external environment, market trends and industry experience, benchmarking, holding a seminar and a strategic session, brainstorming, personnel assessment and marketing documentation, conclusions and recommendations , compilation of a report.

Creation of marketing strategies of an enterprise

Determination of the main directions of the strategy, assessment of the competitive environment, assessment of the potential of the enterprise and organizational structure, analysis of economic and marketing indicators, assessment of the main market trends, its limitations and opportunities, formation of a team to create a strategy, holding strategic sessions, the formation of a vision, development scenarios development directions, program formation, risk assessment, performance monitoring and implementation structure.